Useful Trains for Châtel

It is possible to take a train directly from Geneva (GVA) International Airport to the town of Aigle. If there are members of your party arriving individually and subsequently needing to travel to Châtel alone then the train may be a more appropriate solution. The cost of a transfer from Aigle to Châtel is vastly cheaper. The average transfer time from Aigle to Châtel is 40 minutes.

The Swiss trains are very reliable and connecting to a transfer is very straightforward, usually by telephoning or texting the transfer agent to confirm you are onboard as the train departs. They will not normally need to depart from Châtel until after you depart from Geneva Airport Station. Please visit our Transfer page to find a transfer agent.

On a clear day the journey, which passes though the towns of Lausanne and Montreaux, can be breathtaking with amazing views of Lac Leman, or what is more commonly referred to as Lake Geneva.

We have provided a link to Swiss railways below.


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